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Musee Cosme Smooth Combo Set (Expiry Date: 01/2023)

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Musee Cosme Smooth Combo Set Includes:

1 x Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) Milk Lotion (300ml)

1 x Smooth Body Scrub Floral Fruity (200g)

1 x UV Block Pro SPF 50+ PA++++ (80g)

Key point:

1. Milk Lotion (Expiry date: 01/2023)

- Use it before and after your hair removal treatment to improve & maintain longer-lasting results.

- Smoothens fine lines and promotes elasticity.

- Shields against dehydration and dry cracked skin.

- Reduction of ingrown hair is expected with more application.

- Product tested well tolerated on the skin and has low skin irritation.

- It contains 5 types of plant and seaweed essence which help to brighten the skin.

2. Smooth Body Scrub (Expiry date: 02/2023)

-Removes dead skin cells as well as cleanse the pores and boosts circulation through exfoliation. 

- It is formulated with 2 types of scrub ingredients to remove dead skin cells and address the concerns of ingrown hair and rough skin. 

- Use 1-2 times weekly for brighter and smoother skin. Suitable for every skin type.  Apply a moisturizer right after exfoliation to get the best results for your skin. 

3. UV Block Pro (Expiry date: 03/2023)

- Can be treated as make-up base/primer

- Moisturizing and Lightweight

- A waterproof prescription that is resistant to sweat and water.

- It protects the skin not only from UVA but also UVB


During shower, take an appropriate amount of body scrub on your hand, and then apply over damp skin. Apply the scrub on body parts especially the elbow, knee and heel where the skin is often rough and dull. Apply over the entire body and gently massage, rinse the gel off completely. 

After Shower, apply the appropriate amount of Milk Lotion in your hand and apply on your skin, it can be applied all over the body.


Store in a cool, dry place away from humidity, high temperatures and direct sunlight.


For external use only – Avoid use on the area within 1 week after hair removing treatment - Avoid over massaging – Avoid use on scratched skin, suntanned skin and other skin conditions – If you experience pain, itchiness, or skin turns red, discontinue use and consult a doctor or dermatologist if necessary - Keep out of reach of children – Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse immediately with water - Discontinue use if your experience skin irritation, or if a rash develops - Do not apply to broken skin - Continued usage as situations described may worsen skin problems – Close the cap properly after use - Please finish using within 3 months after opening


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