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Musee Cosme Whitening Series [Free Mask Holder]

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Musee Cosme Whitening Series Includes:

1 x Musee Cosme White Clear Waki Serum (30g)
1 x Musee Cosme White Essence - For Delicate Skin (30ml)
1 x MUSEE Limited Edition Mask Holder
[Gift With Purchase]

Key point

Say hello to brighter, moisturizing skin with these 2 best-selling items!

Waki Serum:

- For underarm area
- The serum has a fresh, fruity aroma and it contains ingredients that helps to moisture and whiten the underarm area
- With regular use, you should feel the difference with a noticeably lighter and brighter underarm that is restored to its natural skin tone.
- It is advised to apply even before going to bed at night to get rid of underarm sweat.

Who is this suitable for?

People with excessive sweat, sweat stains, sweat odors, dark underarm, sensitive skin


Use 1-2 times a day, on clean and dry underarm. Apply an appropriate amount and evenly.

White Essence:

- For intimate area, inner thigh and bikini line area
- Whitening effect
- It helps to prevent your skin from roughness, dryness, and dull pigmentation in intimate parts, and skin functions to their balanced state.
- It can be used immediately after hair removal. (This product will be applied after all VIO/ Hygenina)

Who is this suitable for?

・dark intimate areas
・dry intimate areas

Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly. Focusing on the part you care about. (Avoid mucous membranes) Can be used before and after hair removal treatment.
After Shower, apply the appropriate amount of Milk Lotion in your hand and apply on your skin, it can be applied all over the body.

Store in a cool, dry place away from humidity, high temperatures and direct sunlight.

For external use only – Avoid use on the area within 1 week after hair removing treatment - Avoid over massaging – Avoid use on scratched skin, suntanned skin and other skin conditions – If you experience pain, itchiness, or skin turns red, discontinue use and consult a doctor or dermatologist if necessary - Keep out of reach of children – Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse immediately with water - Discontinue use if your experience skin irritation, or if a rash develops - Do not apply to broken skin - Continued usage as situations described may worsen skin problems – Close the cap properly after use - Please finish using within 3 months after opening


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