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ENRADIANCE- Keep in Moisturizing Milk <100ml>

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ENRADIANCE- Keep in Moisturizing Milk

Unlock a new level of skin nourishment with ENRADIANCE- Keep in Moisturizing Milk. Give your skin a spa-like treat with deep, instant hydration. Say goodbye to dullness as it gently clears away old cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin. Experience a flawless complexion that's as soft and smooth as baby's skin!

Are you dealing with these skin concerns?

  Dry, tight, or peeling skin?

Pores enlarged and clogged with dirt?

  Water and oil imbalance?

  Skincare not absorbing well?

ENRADIANCE- Keep in Moisturizing Milk <100ml> 

Acts as a rapid-absorbing moisturizer, penetrating deep into your skin's layers. 

• Restores youthful, plump skin. 

• Leaves no sticky residue.

For a complete routine, apply ENRADIANCE Seep in Moisturizing Lotion first, then use Keep in Moisturizing Milk as your moisturizer!

【How to Use】 After applying the lotion, apply an appropriate amount on your palm, spread evenly on your face until it's fully absorbed.


Made in Japan

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